Extend the growing season or develop year round production based on renewable solar thermal heating at floor and root level. This can be a game changer for Canadian, UK,  and U.S. greenhouses in locations where severe winters can hamper growing seasons.

Storage  and animal barns increase their productivity significantly. Animals are less impacted by winter, and feed stocks ans water are less at risk. Equipment stored in barns nominally heated can be easily serviced and can readily withstand the rigors of winter storage.




While many crops create heat when drying, quite often air circulation is required to maintain safe temperatures. This can require injections of super cold outside air, essentially freezing moisture in situ in certain locations when stored.

Solar thermally stored heat along with an air to air heat exchanger can provide perfect drying conditions until moisture percentages are normalized. As it can reduce drying time it can also allow products to be  ‘first to market’, providing a competitive edge.

There are many and varied applications for solar thermal or hybrid systems in agriculture. A few common or potential uses .

    Solar Crop Drying

      Silo fan pre-heat

      Storage shed - forced heat

      Lumber Kilns

      Chip storage

      Tobacco and THC drying

    Water heating:

      Dairy wash, rinse, & steam

      Pen Cleaning & warmth

      Livestock water defrosting

      Poultry cleanliness

      Fish Farming temp


      Floor warmth & anti-frost

      Required temperatures

      Soil/root warmth

      Extend growing season

      Extract heat or cooling

    Farm Storage:

      Barn or Shed warmth

      Equipment storage

      Driveway/Stock/Water  anti-ice

      Waste treatment

      Methane Power Generation