Heating homes, Commercial Buildings and processes with Inter-seasonal Solar Heat, Thermal Storage  and Hot Water

“ Free Heat For Life? ”

Carbon Reduction

Inter-seasonal Solar Storage

Solar Energy is free, once the system is installed most of your heating and hot water needs can come from solar, even at -30c! And yes, this will be for the life of your sun or solar system whichever occurs first.

In N. America, energy for heating and hot water typically account for more than half of a utility bills.  99% of all thermal energy offset by this system translates into offsetting 100% of the carbon offset .

The patented DSH low cost storage system allows for the storage of summer heat for use in Winter or dark times. Many systems are installed internationally. Re-engineering now  allows use in N. America and elsewhere.

Warm Room
Reducing heat demand directly reduces GHG (Greenhouse gas) & Carbon emmissions
How heat is stored

Residential Testimonials

“Walk into...Ryan’s two year old house on a cold ...winter night...the whole house is comfortably warm. Do they like the house?

‘Yes definitely’ ”

Consumers Magazine Sept 2010

Solar thermal panels sit alongside solar PV panels

The first clients installed well over 10yrs ago, had this to say:

“It’s wonderful. There is a chain reaction of benefits, not the least low running costs, comfort, and family health”.

Ryans new family with Government minister who inpected the home and commented " My goodness, why are all home not designed like this"

“70% of the energy used in the residential and commercial/institutional buildings sector is used for heating”.       Government of Canada