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Contact Us

At Digital Solar Heat, your input is essential to our business. If you have any questions, please contact us at the email listed below.

Hours of Operation

Variable times due to multiple time zones:

First communication should be by email,

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info at DigitalSolarHeat dot com


The DSH system needs to be designed & engineered into each home or facility.

DSH can train local designers to include the DSH system, initially DSH will do this to streamline early installations.  This website features a restricted access portion specifically for architects, designers, and builders. Please register for access by emailing DSH at the above address. .

Over time DSH will provide free training whereby architects and designers can be up-scaled to carry out DSH design & engineering in-house, as well as phase 2, designing the solar TES heat core storage and slab pipe layouts.

Anyone wishing to be up-skilled, please contact DSH and you will be advised of any local design training times and dates or put yourself/company on the information list for advise for regional training..

Professional Access is by request: