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DSH Announcements and Related Press Articles

Renewable Energy World (.com) magazine: Aug 2015:  Article:

World Moves Toward 100 Percent Renewable Energy -

First Electricity, Then Heating/Cooling, and Finally Transportation

More and more municipalities, cities, states and even entire countries are setting 100 percent renewable energy targets but policy support is critical for success.


Coming SoonWiringDia-Th to DSH


Revised Commercial system Slated for late 2015 or early 2016

The new commercial system features full scalability, with ease of integration. More later.

The NEW WIRELESS DIGITAL CONTROLLER targeted at late 2015/ early 2016:

June 2015: The new Digital Controller is one example of building as much of our gear in N. America as possible, using a manufacturing method that once locked down, can generate further controllers at a reasonable cost.

The Version 1 controller has served us well, and has allowed us to better understand the market requirements.

The New Digital Controller Specs:

The Version 2 digital controller will have a litany of operational & customer gleaned improvements:

1. Wireless and or network compatible.

  • Wireless and network capability will allow clients to check or adjust their system even when overseas on holidays. Adjustments and monitoring is done using , desktop, tablets, smart phones or laptops etc. A tablet is issued with each DSH system.
  • Allow head office to be able to update operating system or program.
  • Allow access to operational data for general compilations to allow factual deliverables as well as long term carbon and GHG impact analysis.
  • Ability to add new features, and expand current to include things like security, swimming pools and spa pools and more.
  • Multi-Page display. No fixed-in-place display allowing maximum future flexibility.

2. Allows backwards compatibility of existing DSH controllers, expanding the market by allowing existing clients to upgrade for a nominal fee.

3. Typical well understood GUI type web interface for ease of learning curve, use and navigation.

4. Compilation data-logging with the ability to link to active graphs on display, showing system sensors and active components as well as displaying time, date, and other settings including dynamic energy  production based on data compilation from temperature logs, and possibly future GHG/carbon savings display.

5. Increase the number of sensors to allow a comprehensive assessment of system status. This includes 2 extra sensors placed at lower levels within the thermal heat core to be able to assess the reserve capacity and status.

6. Greatly Improved safety controls and added overheat diversion capability.

7. Multi-voltage, and multi frequency power, as per computer type power capability for any country.

8. Ease of certification using existing product certifications. This is especially true for power supplies which must be able to run the gamut of certifications, international voltages & frequencies.

9. Fault announcer/warnings, audible, email, text or other methods. Long term/future capability for integration into smart home systems. Example: a Txt could be sent to the client who may be away, it would be CC’d to DSH who could then check on the status with the client directly.

10. Summer and Holiday modes:

  • Programmable Summer Mode: stops heating the house and heats only Hot Water, the rest flows direct to storage. Backup heating preset to a low heat level to prevent home from freezing in absence of anyone being home.
  • Programmable Holiday Mode: Hot water is only nominally heated to keep some heat in hot water tank, allowing faster recovery on demand, backup heat is reduced to very low.
  • Both to have pre-programmed return date and system will heat home and or HW using solar, starting  2 days in advance by Internet connection from anywhere in the world

Understanding that the Main Display can be layered and paginated.

  • Current Time & Timer Indicator
  • Function On / Off time set
  • Temp reading of each temperature sensor being used or several on landing screen + all on dedicated page with the above diagram. All active elements to flash when active including relevant flow arrows.
  • Right Solar Panel disappears when non bifurcated system selected. C1 also disappears except when E/W solar panels selected
  • Wetback, HWC, HWT, SPA and backup cooling disappears when not selected or present
  • Allows a note page is provided for client use
  • Collector frost protection Setting and display icon when active
  • Function On/Off temperature settings: Th, HWC, Spa
  • Function: Temp Limit settings: ie WB, S/Panels, Slab, Core, Spa, optional zoning etc
  • Access to other layers.

Also, pages comprising historical energy graphic display of savings and GHG offsets, access or be actively advised of error codes, setup selections, and more.


NEW FOR 2015Pump Station Oz-Th

Updated Pump Station:

In conjunction with the new controller, is an updated Pump Station with drain-back capability. Should a power failure occur, or hardware malfunction, fluids will drain back to the pump station preventing steam blow-off from safety valves.