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About DSH

About DSH

DSH began life as ‘The Digital Self-Heating Home’ in 2005 when the first prototype system was installed near Wellington NZ.

As the system evolved, it became apparent that the system was scalable to include many commercial buildings. The name was changed to DSH (Digital Solar Heat), commercial buildings were added to the retinue and a Patent granted in 2012.

Imagine, most of the pool heating being done using solar energy resulting in massive  OpEx ssavings and huge reduction in carbon footprint.
Explaining to the Mayor How the system works
Warehouses a perfect solution for a DSH installation resulting in solar energy resulting in massive  OpEx ssavings and huge reduction in carbon footprint.

Almost any structure with a concrete floor for example, is a prime candidate for the DSH system as long as the decision in made during the design stage. DSH systems are operating all over Australasia and soon N America.

Industry Leadership: Inventor, Canadian Ron Theaker CD, a Director in the Telecommunications & Eco-Construction industry in NZ at the time, has been involved with alternate energy for over 30 years. While managing an energy efficient architectural design company in NZ, he wondered:  

Why it was... that almost no one seemed to have an affordable, viable, packaged solar heating system available?  or installed in their home or commercial buildings. This seemed very strange to him as it was obvious sufficient solar energy existed, even in winter in sub-zero temperatures given the new technologies in collection.

Solar hot water is more common and very effective,  but the number of installations are still minimal.

It seemed doable, the technology is well understood, and he set about finding out why solar heat was not prevalent, remedy it. Then systematically develop a packaged solar heating system with as many off-the shelf parts as able with an eye towards keeping costs down and retaining winter solar absorption.. 

The big problem seemed to be that in order to install sufficient solar absorber panels for winter, summer insolation (sunshine) or solar thermal heat became a real issue  as most solar panels do not like to be left out in the sun without fluid keeping the key portions cool. He found an answer to this, patented it, and has been building systems ever since.

Now, after years of development and many installations in colder areas of NZ and Australia, the DSH system can be installed in most locations. Even super cold areas such as Calgary Alberta is expected to deliver an offset of 50-75% of heating AND hot water.

DSH will soon be looking for professional installation companies in Canada, and the USA. If your company is interested, please contact us. Training is included.